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>>pam: san francisco police are cracking down on a cell phone bandits. >> in the east bay, an 11 year-old boy with a bullet wound in his chest returns to a gunfire rattled home and an uncertain future.
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>> i a.m scared that they might shoot again. >> a teenager tweets guilty to running down a father and daughter. tonight, an exclusive interview with a concord woman whose life was devastated. >> april 7th was the worst day of my life. >>pam: a high-speed chase involving three robbery suspects on the streets of san francisco and and one the suspe crashed into several vehicles and injured several people. reggie kumar is live with more. >>reggie: the high-speed chase near buchanan, that is the silver mercedes that the suspects were in, it slammed into the family cms sidewalk and crashed into three parked vehicles. go ahead and take a look at this video. police say this all started this afternoon when a woman was walking down the street in a pacific heights neighborhood
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with a ipad inside her backpack when one of three three robbery suspects grabbed her backpack and jumped into the silver mercedes suv. as it is officers caught up with the vehicle, a high-speed chase started. it only lasted a few minutes. after the crash of three suspects or arrested. this is video of one of the suspect being taken to hospital police capt explains how they tracked the suspect's. >> numerous witnesses called with descriptions of the suspects in the vehicle. office is located the car on center street and tasted down here. >> police have not said if
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these three suspects fled carved. for >>grant: for east idea of where the chase unfolded. >>pam: tonight, we are following a developing story out of antioch. that is where an elementary school student reportedly brought a gun to school. it happened last week but many parents did not learn about it until tonight.
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>> my daughter said there was the fifth grade for the kids to school with a gun and showed it to a bunch of his friends. he told them if anyone told that he brought the gun to school that he would hurt them. we did not find out about it until today and happened last week.
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some >> you cannot trust your kids to go to school and be safe. it is getting really sad. >> the story is still developing. i have calls and e-mail sent to the principle of the elementary school into the ante up police department. we are just learning of this story. we're still working on new details. >> city leaders in san jose state prostitution is a growing problem. now, people who live there are trying to do something about it
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community leaders are planning if there is a march and rally. >> community leaders say that prostitution is nothing new to this san jose neighborhood. the same leaders say that the problem is becoming more dire every day. they say that they are seeing girls as young as 16 being sold on the street. the problem could be because the san jose police department has been stretched so so fan of the years to bad as why these same leaders are saying the the community has to take their neighborhood back. >> some of our clients say people: and ask how much can invite you for, it makes them feel completely unsafe. >> santa maria urban ministry will be knocking on doors and talking to residents in the area, telling them to be vigilant.
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if they see anything suspicious or see young girls flagging down cars or being flagged down to call police as soon as possible and possibly take pictures. that could also help police down the road. they will be meeting in from of the library at 6:30 p.m. on thursday evening. it is as close to last until about 8:30 p.m.. city leaders are expected to show up as well. the problem in this area used to be gangs. that has died down although it still exists. the main issue right now is prostitution.
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>> we do not feel comfortable being at the house. >> i a.m scared that they might shoot again. >> he recently suffered a gunshot wound while sleeping. although the bolt holes are being patched up, she points to lead a reminder of where a bullet nearly struck a tree august 7th. >> everyone is scared.
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my daughter and my sons cannot go to sleep at night because they are afraid. >> i a.m happy and at the same time i a.m not. >> instead of returning to the loom where he was shot he said he will sleep with his older sister. >> i will sleep in my sister's room today because no bullets went in her room. >>pam: new rules for owners of recreational vehicles. jeff bush shows us the problem that explains what happened next.
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>> a quick drive down the great highway he will see dozens of rv's and campers. areas by the beach and a long golden gate have long been havens for mobile residents. in the bayview, the problem is just as bad. homeowners have complained for years about the vehicles, many of which take up several parking spaces. it is not just the size of things it is also about the uncertainty.
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>>pam: this 17 year old driver that hit and killed the father and a young daughter with is as tv pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter charges. he will be sentenced next month into the victim's family will be pushing for the maximum penalty. >> it is going to be hard for us to deal with this moving forward. >> he and his two daughters were riding their bicycles along the sidewalk when there were struck by the white suv. police said the driver was going more than 70 mi. an hour when he lost control. the father and his nine year-old daughter were killed.
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the older sister was injured but survived. he was charged with felony gross vehicular manslaughter. the family attorney says he is not impressed by his offer to >> i cannot help but wonder, is this just to get a better deal? is that what you're trying to do? >> regardless of what the sentencing judge the phils, he will likely serve only three years. >> the family says the law is frustrating, but they admit they are grateful they will not have to endure a trial. >>pam: in a story that you will only see on kron4 news, his wife spoke with us about
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what life has been like ever since that fateful date last april. >> i have a big hole in my heart. >> as a mother she shared with me this interview and losing her daughter has been devastating. >> i will never hold my little girl again. travel never be able to cook her favorite meal or watch her favorite movie. the will never pick her up from after-school again. >> then, there is a loss of her husband. >> i lost my best friend. we were married for 15 years. we never had a bad day. he was my prince charming.
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xi >> we used to wake up early in the morning and sold by rioting me and my sister were best friends. my sister used to sleep next to me in my room. we used to make videos. >> they visit the graveyard every day to pay their respects she says next month will be even harder, october 1st was his birthday. >>jaqueline: temperatures were cooler this afternoon and what we saw yesterday. our inland valleys down several degrees in some spots.
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in the south bay we saw very similar conditions. same thing in the north bay. as look at conditions right now, it is still quite chilly. the fog has a stranglehold over the forecast. it is still rather mild. visibility is reduced to the coastline. 2 mi. of visibility at half moon bay. reduced visibility at sfo. the fog will once again moved in to our inland valleys overnight. here is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. visibility is not great right now. into the afternoon the fog should clear. temperatures will warm away from the coastline.
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>> temperatures are several degrees warmer. upgrade gis and low 90s. temperatures in the east bay will be mainly in the '70s. as look at our extended forecast, tomorrow will be warmer and fried in a little cooler. this weekend we will definitely get warmer and lance, warmer for our be shores temperatures could soar into the upper 70's.
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars
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straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>vicki: he was a silky voiced singer, eddie williams died at the age of 84 following a long battle with cancer. he created a sound that is indelible. in the williams will always be associated with his signature song. >> i a.m honored and and to be
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riding along on the coattails of mon river. >> the song was originally performed by audrey hepburn but like so many soft pop tunes, he made it his own. he started singing as a child with a stream of gold albums and a hit television series. >> he was known for his mellow personal style, he had only one major brush with tabloid celebrity with his ex-wife was accidently shooting her new boyfriend.
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>>pam: paid for getting pepper
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unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >>pam: and high-speed police chase after ron barry suspect's targeting apple products crash. an elementary school scare in the antioch, in a letter sent home, school officials at turner elementary inform parents that a fifth grader
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brought a gun to school in the threatened students to keep them from telling adults. parents are angry that the school took several days to inform families about the incident. >>pam: for the first time in years a san francisco resident has contracted the west nile virus. >> we know that the patient traveled throughout the bay area. >> because the unidentified male patient did leave city limits before getting sick, the san francisco department of public health does not know for sure if he contracted the virus
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in san francisco or somewhere in the bay area. health officials cannot reveal much about the man furious he developed encephalitis but is now at home recovering. >> this patient did have the encephalitis syndrome. it tends to occur in patients who are 50 or above, elderly or abuse compromises. >> the coastal climate keeps the mosquito population lower than other parts of the bay area in san francisco, that is why was nile virus activity is rear here but it is a difficult disease to track. there are likely marquises that may never be reported. >> the cases we pick up are the people will become very ill many people have become infected but only one out of
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five develop a flu like elephants and one on of one heard 50 will develop the severe encephalitis. the truth is, there's more affection occurring that we're actually aware as. >>pam: west nile virus infections are of a rise in contra costa county. 19 groups of mosquitoes have been found carrying the virus and six chickens infected. >> was mild virus continues to be a problem in contra costa county, especially in the eastern part of the county. >> we do surveillance every week. we put out traps and attract mosquitoes. those results determine whether or not we will fall in
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an area. >>pam: was a mild virus is rampant across the country, elise c. reed tells us with doctors say you could do to protect itself. >> is the largest outbreak in history across the u.s.. in san francisco, the first human case of west nile in year public that anyone can get it. >> the bay area has west nile virus, in general we tend to have less cases that other places in california. >> install screens on windows and doors, where long sleeves and long pants and a drain any standing water. as less a teaspoon is enough for mosquitos to breathe. >> you will see swimming pools that are not taken care of and when they are not taking care
8:34 pm
of, that can be huge breeding ground for mosquitoes. this number of mosquitoes that can come out of the school is in the millions. >> we're always tracking neighborhood crime, here is a crime tractor in the south bay, police are investigating a series of home burglaries, seven in the past two weeks. half the year is a closer look at where the thieves are targeting. and there was a burglary on manzanita drive back on september 23rdseptember 23rd an pinewood drive on the 22nd, oak grove drive, a search of a drive and williams driver hit on the 19th. ha most of these crimes are
8:35 pm
happening during the day. >> the university of california has agreed to pay nearly $1 million and apologized to settle a lawsuit over this incident, the pepper spray of occupy protesters at uc-davis last year. under a proposed settlement, $30,000 would be paid to plaintiffs in the letter of apology written by the university chancellor. attorneys would receive a quarter of a million dollars and additional cash would be set aside for anyone arrested or sprayed in the protests. the deal is still subject to court approval. >> hunters in california can no longer used also hunt bears or bobcats. the governor signed several cells related to the department of fish and game. allow will take effect in 2013 and allows the use of dogs to track newses animals for
8:36 pm
research or if a wild animal enters the property, but the general hunting of bears and the bobcats with hounds will not be allowed. >>stanley: coming up, there is a city in the east they were smoking is banned for 17 block radius. i will explain the next edition of people behaving badly. sixth we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new.
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reefs. you could get a close with the great barrier reef, find a sea turtles swimming among a school of fish or faulty manta ray. anyone dreaming of a lion adventure can go swimming there.
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wells fargo. together we'll go far. practice >>stanley: this multi is banned in all of downtown concord. there are signs all around the area advising you of this ordinance.
8:43 pm
ground zero is here factotum santos plot. and this man sitting in a part of it away on a cigarette without a care in the world listening to music and tossing the cigarette butt on the ground. >>stanley: even if you are not from the area, is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations. >> this lady is sitting outside and believe it or not she is also in violation of the ban because the smoking ban covers a 17 block radius from dark. caracas she was later approached by a police officer or she denied even smoking
8:44 pm
>> the smoking ban also covers electronic cigarettes. the fine for smoking in downtown concord is $100 for the first offense 200 200 for t second and up to 500 for any more after that. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea e-mail us at or are calm. >> the fog was definitely more extensive out there today and remained along the coastline. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. reduced visibility.
8:45 pm
widespread fog tomorrow morning. for the bay shore as it should killing deer. some >> and the south bay we will
8:46 pm
see low 80s. >> along the coastline, " conditions that temperatures in the '70s and '80s.
8:47 pm
>> the oakland a's have done it again. 2-0 oakland and here they go. oakland as a 4-0 lead. it is incredible.
8:48 pm
>>gary: the oakland a's set a record for the most strikeouts by a team. these are three games back of texas and the american league west. they have four games left with the rangers including one more in arlington tomorrow. the giants are bouncing back to 54-0. the giants make it official tomorrow.
8:49 pm
>> i a.m not in those discussions personally. they want to get something done pretty soon. >> right now we're going to the first round of the playoffs.
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>>gary: when we come back, a
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little piece of history, the last time a coach put its hands on their replacement official.
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1/2 1/2 in >>gary: if this story holds true: the carbide the regular officials will be back in the nfl.
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that is the last time they will believe those guys. >>pam: and goodnight.
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